At the heart of Marrakech, Morocco are the souks, a labyrinth of twisted streets crowded with shops selling everything from shoes to spices.

But the souks are not the only marketplace in Marrakech. The 12th century red ramparts that encircle the medina are dotted by babs or gates, and the northern gate that leads to the national highway N-9 also leads to a local flea market held every Thursday from eight am to noon.  Marrakech’s other market isn’t a well-kept secret, but few tourists venture here, and you’ll find mostly locals shopping for everything from tagine pots to old toasters. If you look hard enough, the flea market is also full of hidden treasures.

The weekly flea market at Bab el-Khemis is located to the NE of the medina near the National Highway 9. N9 as the highway is known on the map meets up with N8, the highway to Fez close to the gate.

A few hundred feet from Bab el-Khemis within the medina is a quiet garden of the same name.

As soon as you enter the gate, you’ll come across a wide road lined with vendors selling second hand goods. Keep going! The flea market continues for a while and then there’s a turn-off to the left. It’s in here that we found the good stuff!

The flea market at Bab el-Khemis is famous for architectural salvage pieces like these riad doors. 

If you’ve got a discerning eye and a lot of patience you’ll find treasure buried in these shops!

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